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Saturday, 20 June 2015 08:10

Butterfly Park

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UPDATE (06.09.2015) - Never been to a more disappointing "attraction", it's clear that they have spent twice as much on the posters and advertising than they have on the "attraction"


butterfly park antalya 4With a 5m TL ($1.84 million) investment, the Butterfly Park in Antalya will open to visitors on Eid al-Fitr, the three-day festival marking the end of Ramadan.

The park will be located on 1.23 acres in Antalya's Kundu region. Barış Dursun, the general manager of the Butterfly Park, said in a press meeting that the preparations began six months ago. The new park will have special breeding sections for 10 butterfly species, five of which are tropical and the others domestic.

Ladybugs will also be bred in the park. Dursun said butterflies always amaze people, especially children. He said they are the "small life friends" of nature, explaining that they are focusing on flora and fauna tourism, an important aspect of ecotourism. The park will contribute to tourism revenues and develop the tourism industry. "The new park will be Turkey's biggest butterfly park. Visitors can see butterflies in a specially designed enclosed area extending 2,000 square meters.

The park will be home to thousands of butterflies from 50 different species brought from 25 countries," Dursun said. He said the park will feature a botanical garden, wild animals, birds, special habitat for ants and a section where visitors can watch the honey-making process in beehives

The website is under contruction (but still live to the public while they build it!!! Burasi Turkiye) -

When the park is open I'll update this article with real pics instead of renders and a full review.



Well, now it is supposedly open so took the trip to see it. the "park" is signposted from the main Kundu Hotels road and is located a couple of kilometers behind Kundu up single track dirt roads.

For those who can't be bothered to read the review (TL;DR) :

Not finished, 30 TL to wander round a tiny greenhouse you can see in from the outside anyway! No facilities (even toilets), more dead butterflies than live ones and most butterflies trapped and struggling to free themselves in very poorly designed and fitted netting. Kelebek Park? No, Kelebek Mezarlik (Butterfly Cemetery) Yes.!

If this cost $1.84 million then someone charged them $1.83 million too much

Clearly nowhere near finished or ready to be open:-

Kelebek Park Antalya 1


This is what was promised :-

butterfly park antalya 3

This is what you get :-

Kelebek Park Antalya 5


Its nothing more than a small greenhouse with very badly fitted netting and some plants inside, more dead butterflies than live ones and of course I realise their lifespans are measured in days mostly BUT many butterflies were trapped between the poorly fitted netting and the frame of the building struggling to escape after becoming trapped and when they are dead surely just go around and remove the dead ones now and again? Specially when you've only just opened?

Kelebek Park Antalya 16

Kelebek Park Antalya 14

Kelebek Park Antalya 10

Kelebek Park Antalya 19


Facilities: None, no toilets, no food, no drink, shitty and rude "receptionist" and how much to walk around this small greenhouse while kids try to catch and trap and manhandle these beautiful insects? 30 TL, what is different to looking through the netting for free? Ummmm ....... no wait, I'll think of something .......

Even the promo car is wrecked!

Kelebek Park Antalya 3


So to sum up!

Save your time and money and go to the beach instead.

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