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How to get your yabancı (foreigner) KIMLIK (ID) number

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To obtain your Turkish foreigners Kimlik (Identity) number you should visit your local Nufus (population) Office with your passport and request it or you can try find it online:-

1. Visit -

2. Fill out the information

  • In "Adı", enter your FIRST NAME
  • In "Soyadı", enter your SURNAME
  • In "Baba Adı", enter your Fathers FIRST NAME
  • In "Anne Adı", enter your Mothers FIRST NAME
  • In "Doğum Yılı", enter your YEAR of birth
  • In "Cinsiyeti", choose if you are male "Erkek" or female "Kadın"
  • Type the anti-spam code into the box
  • Click the SORGULA (Search) button

Your number should be displayed here, you may have to check your entries and try middle names in first or surname boxes and generally "play" with it to find your ID number. Sometimes a Turkish "i" may be used instead of a latin "i" or a "w" replaced by a "v" as there is no "w" in the Turkish alphabet etc.

If you cannot find it then you will have to go to your local Nufus office with some ID (passport) and request your number over the counter.


All Yabancilar (foreigners) ID numbers start with 99

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