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Long Term Residence Permit (LTRP) - Documents Required

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The required documents are in the process of being updated to match the new procedures put in place on 18.05.2015, the documents here are taken from the old requirements and will be updated as soon as the new ones are published.

The Turkish Long Term Residence Permit is valid until 2099.

Before starting you will need:-

  • A valid entry permit (tourist or otherwise)
  • A valid passport (with at least 60 days remaining after the end of the residency period requested)
  • If your passport doesnt contain all latin characters then you must get an official notarised translation and attach with your application
  • Enough funds in a Turkish bank account for the duration of the residence permit :-
    • Obviously its hard to show funds to suport yourself till 2099! No criteria has yet been published for what will be accepted as reasonable proof of income, its one of the questions we have on this page, awaiting an answer)
  • Yabanci Kimlik Number
  • Turkish Tax number


Long-term Residence Permit for Foreigners That Have Continuously Resided in Turkey for at least eight years

1. First Application

  • Residence Permit Application Form - downloaded and printed at the end of the online registration process
    • The completed for will be availalable as a link at the end of your online application, click this link, it is a PDF file, if opening in a browser you can guide your mouse cursor to the bottom right of the screen to see the icons for saving (a disk icon) or to print, I suggest you do both.
  • RP Card payment reciept for 55TL - obtained from wherever you paid the card fee (Halkbank, Ziraatbank or the Tax Office)
  • Original and photocopy of the passport or travel document (photo page and last entry stamp page)
  • Submission of the former residence permit document.
  • Two (2) biometric photographs (an explanation of how the photo should look to be considered "biometric" can be found on the attachments list at the bottom of the article.) 
  • The document showing that not receiving social aid from state institutions and organizations in the last 3 years.
  • Notification regarding sufficient and sustainable resources for the duration of their stay (See note above)
  • Police record document
  • Valid medical insurance (one of the followings shall be sufficient):
    • Document enabling health services in Turkey within the scope of bilateral social security agreements
    • Provision document issued by Social Security Institution
    • Document regarding the application made to the Social Security Institution to have general health insurance
    • Private health insurance
  • Document showing that your address is regsitered in the Address Registry System.

2. Application for Extension

The LTRP is issued indefinitely. It cannot be extended.


    • Proof of address for residency - ensuring you are registered in the Address Registration System
      • If you are renting through an agent (emlak) or subletting from someone you happen to know, you will need a lease in your name. You will also need to get this document notarized, which should cost about 120 TL.

        One important note: if your lease agreement mentions any sort of security deposit or advance payment, the notary will charge you a percentage of whatever the contract states.
        Most agents or landlords will supply another contract with no mention of security deposit or a very low figure to avoid this fee, if you have paid a substantial deposit then the notary fee will be equally substantial!

      • If you own your own property then provide a copy of the TAPU (Deeds)

      • The Registration system requires you confirm your registration in the Address Registration System (AKS)
        • Persons are requested to make address registration or change notifications in writing/in person. Such notifications shall be made in person within 20 working days (of any change of address) to: 
          • District civil registration offices 
          • Representations abroad 
          • Agencies providing address-based services. 

            Change of address notifications may be made by mail (cargo or registered mail) or electronically. (Agencies providing address-based services shall communicate within 10 working days the notifications made to them to the District Civil Registration Office where they operate.) 

          NOTE: If you are not renting your own home but are a guest of a friend you can still apply, you will need to use a form available from the Noter called a "ikametgah", this will need to be filled in addition to your host showing their rental contract/TAPU and other required documents as per the normal application

          • Which Notary (Noter) should I use?
            • Any Notary can notarize the rental agreement but Noter no.11 near Migros 5M has a receptionist that speaks English and is very helpful. (see map in the Short Term Required Documents article for location)


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