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TOPIC: International Veterinary Hospital in Lara

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International Veterinary Hospital in Lara 5 years 6 months ago #27587

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:ranting So where to start this..... I have rescued 2 kittens from the street and I have been taking them to the place mentioned above. First everything seemed to be going great and the staff is nice. One of the veterinaries is really cute and feel her heart is in the right place. But the rest of them not so sure about...

I am moving back home and of course want to take my babies with me when I ago.... :wallbash WELL not going to happen.... How can a place screw up a simple thing like getting the right names and ID codes on the right cats.... Not to even talk about the fact that suddenly my cats are twins and born on totally the wrong date when I get the results from Ankara about their rabies tests.... Not to even talk about how many vets it takes to take a bloodtest from a cat.... And no this is not a joke.... THE ANSWER IS 3.....

All this time I have been asking is there something I should know about these 2 lovely idiots... Like is there a possibility that they can get sick or have something from their mother... No everything is fine nothing to worry about... That's the answer I got... :mad
Well today I went to another vet because thanks to this "minor" screwup" I have to leave my babies in Antalya for 2 months.... So seems both my cats have an infection or a virus in their mouth, that will cause them problems in the future. SO WOULD HAVE WANTED TO KNOW THAT..... :mad2 Not that it really matters... It would change the way I feel about my darlings... They mean the world to me..

So here I am just about to leave the country and have to take care of this little thingy in the last minute... REALLY... like I didn't have enough stress already....

So here is my little story... Just be careful when your trying to decide for the best place to take your beloved pets for treatments.
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International Veterinary Hospital in Lara 5 years 5 months ago #27637

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I completely agree, they used to be quite good but in the past few years not only have I noticed a bad deterioration in their work but have heard of many others with horror stories too and they now seem like the standard money grabbing, over charge the "rich" Lara crowd type of vets.

A puppy I recently rescued went to a wonderful home in Lara with a wonderful couple and when she was old enough to be spayed they took her to the International Veterinary clinic in Lara, Antalya, the puppy also had a small hernia on her stomach that they asked to be removed at the same time. Both should be quite simple operations but they made a huge uneven scar on the poor puppy and then the scar got badly infected.

I would avoid them like the plague and stick to recommended vets, personally I recommend Mustafa -
"Because none of us are as cruel as all of us"
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