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TOPIC: How to change a foreign driving licence to Tr one

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How to change a foreign driving licence to Tr one 8 years 7 months ago #10982

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Hi there!

I've found this info in Turkish only (for now) and wanted to share here.
I'll try to translate in English asap...but anyone else can do it before me, I'd appreciate it very much! :)


1. Sürücü belgesinin noterden veya elçilikten tasdikli tercümesi
2. Şoförler derneğinden dosya
3. Nüfus cüzdanının aslı ve fotokopisi ( yabancı uyruklular için ikametgah tezkeresi).
4. Dört (4) adet fotoğraf
5. Sabıka kaydı. (aslı) (1 Yıl Geçerli)
6. Sağlık raporu (aslı) (Devlet Hastanesi veya özel sağlık kuruluşlarından)
7. Kan grubu belgesi.
8. Yabancı sürücü belgesi aslı (İşlemden sonra iade edilmek üzere)
9. Maliyeden harç makbuzu (Sürücü belgesi sınıflarına göre ödenecektir)
10. Sürücü Belgesi kart ücreti 67.00 TL
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Re: How to change a foreign driving licence to Tr one 8 years 7 months ago #10984

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I can translate.

1. get old driving licence translated at Noter, get ripped off by being charged 100TL by a translator whos understanding of your native language is worse than a street dogs!

2. Take original and copy with 54.5 passport sized photos, a sample of your DNA (Clump of hair or your still beating heart will do fine)

3. Fill in the 23 required forms and any other they may throw at you

4. Hand in and WAIT

5. Carry on waiting

6. Just WAIT dammit!

7. Now go to a different window/desk/building/country to find the cash desk to pay an arbritry fee made up on the spot.

8. Repeat steps 3-6 until you start trying to make conversation with the chairs.

9. Wait in a huge line of smelly people in 40 degree heat till you get the "The system is broken" message.

10. Curse and mumble under your breath, throw your hands around a bit, say "Im going to make a complaint about this" but ultimately you just follow the other sheople out the door making Baaaa noises.

11. Try to find somewhere, anywhere else that you can pay the money demanded

12. Book a plane ticket back to the original window/office you went to when you applied.

13. Fill in another form because of all the waiting the ones you had are now expired because you've taken so long to come back

12. Get fined for being late.

13. Back to step 9 and repeat until you lose all faith in humanity.

Actually Turkey has made it really easy because its the same procedure for any official documentation!

Thanks Turkey :P
"Because none of us are as cruel as all of us"
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Re: How to change a foreign driving licence to Tr one 8 years 7 months ago #10990

  • white husky
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Actually Mack you forgot to mention the procedure that happens when you are in the middle of all this...and its lunchtime! You get kicked out of the office, wait one hour, and you start all over again.....
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