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TOPIC: Hospitals

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Re:Hospitals 9 years 8 months ago #6012

  • Bettina
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This is not so much about the hospital, but more a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to AYSUN and MACK - as they made my hospital stay bearable.

Only about a week after I joined the Expats I mentioned to Aysun that I was due to a doctors visit, as I had some problem. She texted me right back, saying she has a friend - Nesrim, who speaks German and also needs to go to see the doctor, so maybe we could go together.

So I called Nessie, to see if we could go together. Unfortunately, something was wrong with my registration but instead of leaving it up to me, she took everything in her hands and managed to get us an appointment, which was not as easy as it sounds.
Soooo, finally we go to the hospital for the check up and another surprise awaits us.
My paperwork was now sorted out - but hers wasn't. However, she still stuck around and translated and even though I kept telling her, it'll be fine (I thought, what can go wrong) she insisted on staying with me. Which was a good thing, as the doctor decided that I should stay and have an operation. OOooops....
so, we had to do all kind of testing and Nessie actually spent the whole day in the hospital with me, for all the tests. and not to leave me alone, she even went in with me the day before the operation and talked the secretaries ear off, until he gave me a single room. Furthermore, she instructed the stuff to be nice to me, as I understand nothing, so I will not feel so at loss.
As it is not common to supply anything (INCLUDING TOILET PAPER!!!) she also came the next morning to go with me to the operation and waited patiently until I returned and watched all my things, so they would not come up missing.
She brought all I needed to the hospital and all this on a dolmus.. yikes. It was so nice to have her there when I woke up. Also, my friend Gabi was there and I was very well taken care of.
Aysun stopped by to say Hello as well and it was so great to feel to have such good friends, even though I just recently met them
Mack went out of his way to supply me with a gadget that enabled me to watch some shows at least, as I managed to break my laptop before my stay in the hospital and boredom usually does not take long to set in, when you cannot speak the language. To top things off, I also misplaced my glasses....
Soooooo, a big THANKS to my angels on earth for taking so well care of me. I have not been this mothered - heck not even by my mother hahaha

The language problem was bad though. The doctor spoke a little german, but not enough to where I can pinpoint the problem and it still is ongoing - hopefully on the checkup he will understand, as I am tired of sitting around.
The hygiene - oh....absolutely not European standard. They do have the papertissue rolls on the end of the examination bed ---- but she started yelling at me, when I pulled it down. I still kept pulling as I had no intention of putting my bare bum, where somebody else bare bum had been laying minutes before.
Also, I found it extremely aggrevating for people to enter the room in order to skip the line, when you are laying legs spread on an examination table.
The mandadory lung X-ray was funny, bra off, press against the plate, with everything else still on, while the person in front of you still gets dressed with her hubby also in the room, as to make sure she is untouched :angry:
It is an absoulute must that you bring a HELPEr as they will not even bring you food to the bed. Or change the sheets or such. I was lucky, they did for me, as they felt sorry that after the first few days i was alone, but in general, they do not do this.
Also, there is no water, hot or cold, or tea or anything. The cafeteria is outside and too far to walk for a sick person.
Most annoying for me was the open doors. Obviously a people that used to be nomads - they would come in the room - just snooping around, which is annoying in itself and leave... with the door open. Usually, not a big deal, but as I was on a women ward and not able to get up to close the door - it kept me from sleeping more than once. As you all know, when they have babies the WHOLE family comes to visit and also have the doors open - and for example, the room across from me, they came in my room, took couch and chairs and there were 12 people in this you can imagine the noise - and this was not during visiting hours either. Funny, that the güvenlik usually walked by to kick out visitors after 3 pm - but only for those people who has not had babies, for the other they made an exception :( so it was loud. And since everybody has their helper with them, who are usually bored, they have little meetings in the hallway, so the volume level is usually fairly high.
However, they did have a fridge in the room and a TV, but not in all rooms. my doctor checked on me once to three times a day and was very nice. The operation was nicer than in Germany and I liked the fact that I did not have to lay in a hospital bed in a busy hallway. Also I did not have to "climb" from bed to bed, which was a big plus. In general, my hospital stay here was far better than the one in Germany, but you are at the whim of others to help you, which is something I just have not been used to in years. Still, I am very greatful for having met such wonderful people. All through Expats... thanks again..
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Re:Hospitals 9 years 8 months ago #6023

  • Aysun
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awww :blush: Bettina, thank you very much for your sweet words :)
I was serious while telling here is our second family place...

Hope you get -very- well soon and we come to your wonderful garden for a BBQ party :) ...and hammock!

Love+Peace+Harmony=Aysun (✿◠‿◠)
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Re:Hospitals 9 years 8 months ago #6026

  • Clarecg
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Sorry to hear of your experience Bettina, but thank you for sharing it. Some of it made me smile, but bless you for dealing with it all and rising above it enough to have a little giggle now.
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Re:Hospitals 9 years 8 months ago #6027

  • sayiner
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I hope you are well now Bettina.Let us know if you need anything.
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