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TOPIC: Translation Services in Antalya?

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Re:about Translators/Translation Services in Antalya? 9 years 5 months ago #7590

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Hi Mack,

about your comments:

you should go to a translation office and tell them you need an authorised translation and they will assign a notary authoried translator and then your job is done! it is the way we all do. yes, you should go to the notary that has the translator's documents such as diploma, ıd etc. if the notary does not have them, they dont certify.

For my case, i went to a notary office showed them my credentials and then i signed a document that says i will only translate the texts correctly etc.

Some people may have a shiny diploma but not much knowledge. there people like this in the other parts of the world.

Again, i like this system otherwise, like we had in the past, everyone can be a translator then we would have poor translations more than now and many mistakes!

The procedures can be boring, but it is also nice to have a system. Generally speaking, yes Turkey can be different when compared to other countries related to procedures but it is the way we do it and as they say 'when you are in Rome, do as the Romans do'. Believe me, after a while, they all make sense.

have a nice day.

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Re:about Translators/Translation Services in Antalya? 9 years 5 months ago #7591

  • Murkey
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:) Thanks Mehtap,

I don't understand why a translator has to be "registered" to a particular Noter though, if I want you (as my choice of a good certified translator) to come with me to Noter 9 then surely you should have authority in any of them? (Or do I misunderstand and that IS the case?).

I know you work within this system but after 7 years here and living in quite a few countries before here I may incur the wrath of the "love it or leave it" brigade but it does seem that most of the systems here (not just Noter) may have worked in small villages but they haven't changed as populations and demands have grown and Turkish administration (along with quite a few other countries (UAE/Dubai for one!) could learn a lot from other more efficient systems.

I think the "when in Rome" argument is sometimes used as an excuse not to take on better ideas but to defend an ideal that may not be as efficient but change is too difficult, criticism isn't tolerated or "tradition" wont allow it, if every country copied the most efficient procedures from others that made life a bit easier for its citizens rather than the bureaucrats imagine the world we'd have :)

I think a few very small changes could improve the administration systems in Turkey no end, you must have gotten frustrated at spending hours and hours in hot, overcrowded government offices being shuffled between buildings, desks and queues all day? Its not like that everywhere so surely learning which systems "process" the jobs the fastest and most efficiently could at least be considered? Its nice to see them making an effort on the e-government side though and starting to introduce some of the procedures on the internet, at least that's a step in the right direction.


Ill keep on waiting for them to make sense to me :)
"Because none of us are as cruel as all of us"
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Re:Translation Services in Antalya? 9 years 5 months ago #7598

  • Sally
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Hi Noysee

Firstly good luck!

We used a lady also near the clocktower for our Aussie immigration paperwork and can highly recommend her. She did so much for us she sometimes discounted or did things for free.

The Noter is also just near her. Mention that you know Umit Seckin.

ph: 248 44 38

Message me if you need anything else.
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Re:Translation Services in Antalya? 9 years 5 months ago #7641

  • noysee
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Thanks everyone for this information. And Sally, thanks for your offer of help. We've just about got everything together for submitting to immigration. Just these couple of things to get translated and to certify (we shouldn't even have had to get our marriage certificate translated because it was supposed to be in both Turkish and English but we didn't realise until just the other day that we were actually given a Turkish/French one!!!). I will definitely message you if I have any other questions about the immigration process since you've already been there and done/doing that!!! How's it going by the way?

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