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Consequences of overstaying your visa

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Visa overstay in Turkey is viewed very seriously, whether its an overstay on your tourist or residency permit it could result in fines or deportation and a ban from re-entry.

If you need to stay in Turkey for longer than 90 Days in any 180 Day period you need to apply for a Residence Permit.

To calculate how many days you have been or want to be in Turkey and can use your tourist visa for then please use our visa calculator here.

  • 1-15 day overstay - No Ban - Fine
  • 16-90 day overstay - Banned from re-entry for up to 90 days - Fine
  • 91 days or more overstay - Banned form re-entry for up to 6 Months - Fine

Fines vary depending on the nationality of the permit/visa holder but in general the fines are based on double the cost of a residency permit, pro-rata to a daily rate.

As a rough guide for citizens of most (band A) countries the fine will be a minimum of $50 plus $2 per day of overstay.

Be aware that this "rule" is open to interpretation and much higher fines have been handed out whether payment has been forced as a bribe or extra fines have been added is unknown so please dont rely on these figures as anything but the reporting of the official guidelines, how they are applied in practice vary wildly.



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