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Health Insurance Requirements for Residence Permit

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As of April 2014 anyone up to the age of 65 wishing to apply for a Residence Permit in Turkey must have qualifying health insurance. (Over 65s dont need to show health insurance).

The required documents lists give the qualifying insurances, if you have health cover due to your citizenship in a country that has a reciprocal agreement with Turkey you can use this for your Residence Permit application, if not you will need to purchase health insurance from a TURKISH insurance company, or from a company that has an office in Turkey.


  • Private Health Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Turkish state insurance (SGK)
  • Acceptable state or private insurance from your home country

The minimum coverage you need to show is as follows:-

Type of Treatment Min. Coverage amount Min. Insured share of costs Covered Hospitals      
In-Patient Unlimited 0% All Hospitals      
Out-Patient 2000 TL 40% All Hospitals      
Medicine costs 2000 TL 40% All Hospitals      
Medical Equipment 1000 TL 40% All Hospitals      


Most Turkish insurance companies offer the "Residence Permit" minimum health insurance package to expats, prices vary of course but you can see below some guideline costs.

AntalyaCentral can recommend Ankara Sigorta Policies with proven acceptance rates, fully acceptable for Residents Permit purposes and usually a little cheaper than other same cover policies.

Private Health Insurance for Residents Permit wth Ankara Sigorta (Male or Female)

18 - 25 405.00 TL
26 - 30 492.00 TL
31 - 35 498.00 TL
36 - 40 588.00 TL
41 - 45 714.00 TL
46 - 50 774.00 TL
51 - 55 1,051.00 TL
56 - 60 1,170.00 TL
61 - 64 1,830.00 TL

For full disclosure and because we dont want to mislead anyone we want to point out that under Turkish insurance systems and because no physical is required to obtain the insurances some items are not covered for the first 12 months. All emergency treatment and care is covered but some test and ilness related cover wont be active for the first 12 months if its your first private health insurance policy in Turkey. If you have an existing one then any insurance company will honour the previous time and if over 12 months you will be covered immediately for all items on the schedule. This is the same for all policies, whether from Ankara Sigorta or Groupama or anyone despite what you may be told! Please check carefully the terms and conditions.

You can use the form below to buy your insurance policy online, we will just need you to either vsiit the Insurers office in Konyaalti, Antalya to sign the policy acceptance form and pay or it can be done via fax/email/phone.

Simply fill in the following form and a representative will contact you to finalise the policy which can be accepted and activated same day (except weekends).

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Travel insurance is acceptable as long as the requirements above are met, the usual reason travel insurance isnt used is due to the normally short duration but some travel insurances can offer much better cover than the local policies for similar money for an extended period.

For example, World Nomads can offer a 12 month travel insurance with all the minimum requirements shown above and much more for around £350 (1,400TL) so it pays to shop around and find a policy that suits you best. (you can get an instant quote with World Nomads ).


Expats can also enrol in the Turkish State Insurance scheme, the Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu, commonly known as the SGK.

SGK insurance covers all health treatment costs at all state hospitals, private hospitals usually accept SGK but you will have to a prtion of the treatment costs yourself.

SGK is paid monthly and the current costs are around 250 TL per month, if you miss 3 months payments your insurance is cancelled and you will not be able to claim for any treatment.

Enrolling in the SGK for Residence Permit purposes is a catch 22 situation as you aren't eligible for SGK unless you are a resident and you cant get residence without the SGK! (or other form of insurance) So those who wish to use the SGK for their Residence Permit must:-

  • go to the local SGK office, get the paperwork,
  • go and get a health check and report from a state hospital,
  • take the health report and completed paperwork (excluding residence permit information) to the SGK office, here your application can be left "half way" and you will get an SGK application document
  • you can then take to the GOC/DGMM offices for you appointment for a new Residence Permit,
  • then you can take the 90 Day temporary permit back to the SGK office to finalise your application!
  • DOUBLE CHECK with them when you get your proper residence permit card through, just to be sure!

If you need more details here is the contact email address for a State Officer in the SGK that can speak good English and can answer any SGK related questions you may have - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


You can only cancel your policy and have any pro-rata refund under the following conditions:-

  • By showing an equivalent policy from a different company that covers the residence permit period
  • By showing evidence of cancellation of residence permit
  • By showing evidence of joining the state health insurance system (SGK)

And lastly, some good advice from the UK FCO about travel insurance in general -

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