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How to get your Turkish tax (vergi) number

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You will need a Turkish tax number (Vergi Numerasi) to be able to conduct most official financial transactions in Turkey including

  • Purchasing property
  • Opening a Turkish bank account
  • Registering utility bills
  • Paying Turkish land/council taxes
  • Applying for a Turkish driving license (A Turkish driving license is not compulsory) 
  • Owning a vehicle 

To obtain your tax number you should visit the main tax office (Maliye Vergi Dairesi, see map below) give them a copy of your passport photo page and request a tax number (Vergi Kimlik Numarası). The process should only take 5 minutes.

In Antalya the desk you need is on the 1st floor just above the main entrance, after clearing the security check go up the stairs and to your right then into the first big office on the right opposite the stairwell, the 2nd desk on the right is dedicated to granting new tax numbers, simply hand over a copy of you passport photo page and make sure you address is also written on it and you will get a printed paper with your tax number on it but youre not done yet, take the paper behind the desk you obtained it from to see one of the 2 end desks in the next row to get it signed and stamped, Burasi Turkiye, means nothing if it isn't signed and stamped!

antalya tax office

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