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Thursday, 02 July 2015 11:26

How to obtain your "letter of no state aid"

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The new regulations for Long Term Residence Permit applications require that you produce a letter stating you have received no state aid or welfare in the 3 previous years.

Without special status (refugee or "special guest" as some Syrians have been granted) it is impossible for foreigners who are not Turkish citizens to get any state aid entitlement anyway so the inclusion of this letter seems pedantic and superfluous but nonetheless is required.

You will need:-

1. Go to the Nufus/Kaymakanlik Building in Antalya (The old Turk Telecom building, see map on THIS POST)

antalya nufus

2. Take the elevator to the 3rd (Third) floor (3. Kat) and head around the corner till you come to the SOSYAL YARDIM office (with a "tasteful" black padded door, presumably to provide some measure of comfort to customers banging their head against it in frustration?)


Present your Kimlik number and ID here to get a signed letter showing you have received no state aid for 3 years (that you couldn't possibly get anyway!) - NOTE: Please make sure the letter is on official letterhead and is stamped as well as signed, the sosyal yardim office, despite being told by the DGMM are still sometimes issuing just a printed plain paper with just a signature, this is not acceptable for your residence permit application, so to save a trip back please make sure it is a stamped document on letterhead.

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