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Residency Permit Application Notes

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1. The administration may claim additional data and documents for all residence permit applications.

2. An application for residence permit by the foreigner in person is essential. Such applications may be made by the applicant‟s legal representative or his/her attorney who submits the applicant‟s power of procuration, yet the administration may claim the availability of the foreigner during the application.

3. The administration, if required, may interview with the foreigner in order to clearly introduce the foreigner‟s stay of purpose.

4. The person of whose application is received is granted “Application Document for Residence Permit”. This document grants the right to stay legally in Turkey for 90 days as of the date of application.

5. Application Form for Residence Permit shall be filled out based on passport or documents which substitute as passport. For the foreignerswho have no documents indicating his/her identity, his/her statement is taken as basis.

6. In the course of application, complementary information and documents missing or may be in need of are declared to the foreigner and the foreigner is requested to submit those within one month. In the contrary case, the application is not evaluated.

7. Photograph should be taken in the last six months (front-shot, barefaced, enabling identifying the foreigner easily), on white background and as biometric.

8. The original passport shall be submitted.

9. In the cases that the passport is not regulated in Latin letters, translation by a sworn translator or approved by the competent authorities shall be added to the reference.

10. In the cases that there is no separation of the name and surname in the passport, a document showing clear credentials, to be received from her/his own representation office is requested from the foreigner.

11. Immovable should be a real estate and used for that purpose. In the cases that the immovable is not used for the purpose of real estate and not holding a common land title containing the spouse and the children it may only form the basis to determine the financial possibility of the foreigners. In the event of joint or co-ownership, the land title in question grants the right for the spouse and children to claim for residence permit. In case the immovable is sold the permit is cancelled as the main reason to give the residence permit is gone away.

12. Pursuant to the Circular of Under secretariat of Treasury, health policy has the phrase; „This policy covers the minimum indemnification that is required by the 6/6/2014 dated and 9 numbered Circular Notice for those applying for residency that need to be covered by a private health insurance‟. Private health insurances made abroad shall only be valid on condition that it is accredited by the domestic branches of the insurance company. Those who are under the scope of bilateral social security agreement should bring a writing documenting the situation. The insurance period shall cover the demanded residence permit.

13. If demanded, the foreigner is obliged to submit the police record set by the competent authorities of the country he is residing in legally or the country he holds the citizenship.

14. Since the residence permits will be sent to the addresses of the persons via PTT, the information regarding the address such as the main street, district, street, the number of the exterior door and interior door, province and city are to be completely declared. Moreover, in case of a change in the address information, this change must be informed within 20 days.

15. Certificate of birth may be required by the administration for the foreign child in the applications of residence permit.

16. The Obligation to Respond to a Summons: Pursuant to the Article 97 of the Law, foreigners, applicants and international protection beneficiaries may be summoned to the relevant governorate or Directorate General for the reasons of examining their entry into or stay in Turkey, possible removal decision to be issued; or notifications of actions concerning the implementations of this Law. In cases where foreigners do not respond to summons or, where there are strong reasons to believe that they will not respond, law enforcers may hold such foreigners without a prior summons. This action shall not be considered as administrative detention and the period for information gathering shall not exceed four hours.

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