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Residence permit application procedure

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Updated for the new rules in effect from 18.05.2015

Which permit can I apply for?

  • If you have had 8 continuous years on a Turkish residence permit with no longer than 120 days in any 12 month period outside the country then you can apply for a long term residence permit.

  • If you haven't had 8 continuous years or have spent more than 4 months outside Turkey in any 12 month period in the past 8 years then you can only only apply for a 1 year short term permit.
  • If you are extending a residence permit and you haven't been out of Turkey for more than 120 Days in any 12 month period while you held a residence permit then you can use the APPLICATION FOR EXTENSION option the application website and just send in the required documents by post
  • If you are extending a residence permit and you have been out of Turkey for more than 120 Days in any 12 month period while you held a residence permit then you must use the FIRST APPLICATION option on the application website and make an appointment to go to the immigration office and take your documents with you.

Firstly ensure you have everything required for the online application:-

  • An existing and valid tourist or residence visa/permit

    • Your passport must have at least 60 days validity beyond the date of expiry of the permit you are applying for (except for the Long Term Residence Permit).

  • BioMetric photo to upload

    • This needn't be a "store bought" photo, "biometric" simply means a certain composure of the photograph that conforms to a set of standards, you can take the photo at home at check it corresponds to the requirements an explanation of how the photo should look to be considered "biometric" can be found on the attachments list at the bottom of the article.

    • The photo must have been taken within the last six (6) months

    • The photo MUST be the same as the photos you will submit with the required documents supporting your application

  • Your passport and existing residency card/book if you have one (for reference).

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First time applicants:

NOTE: If you are applying for a Long Term Residence Permit after meeting the requirements then you should use the FIRST APPLICATION option.

If you are applying for a FIRST APPLICATION you will need to get an appointment date to visit the office, if you are RENEWING an existing permit all procedures are done online and via post/courier, no need to visit an office.

Applicants should make their Residence Permit (RP) applications before their tourist visa expires.

1. Go to the E-Ikamet website (choose the English language version if required)

ikamet new 1

2. Fill in the online application form. Below is a step-by-step example from a Long Term Residence Permit (LTRP) but the procedure is very similar for a Short Term Residence Permit (STRP)

2.1 Choose APPLICATION FOR EXTENSION if you are simply renewing an existing STRP, Family Residence Permit (FRP) or Students Residence Permit (SRP), choose FIRST APPLICATION for all other cases:-

2.2 Choose the nearest DGMM Office to you.

ikamet new 2




2.3 Choose a convenient appointment day and time (remember that from the date you apply to the date of your appointment you are legally allowed to stay in Turkey so the appointment date DOES NOT have to be before RP or e-visa expiry BUT the APPLICATION DATE does!)

ikamet new 3



2.4 Choose the type of permit you require:-

Long Term Residence Permits (LTRP) are only available if you have held a "blue book" residence permit (prior to the change last year to the new annual Short Term Residence Permit (STRP) cards) for eight (8) continuous / contiguous years.




2.5 Fill in all the details, the RED highlighted fields MUST be filled in, the black are optional but will help with the application so I suggest you fill as much as you can.


  • If you are British, the nationality is listed under United Kingdom, not British or English
  • GRANTING COUNTRY should be your home country and GRANTING AUTHORITY should be the name of the department of your government that issues passports, in the case of the UK - HM PASSPORT OFFICE UK.
  • Make sure the uploaded photo conforms to the Biometric profile (see attachments at the bottom of this article for example Biometric compliant photos)




2.6 The next screen asks you to take the "below stated documents" to your appointment to be chosen on the next screen, during my LTRP application, as you can see, I wasnt shown any list of documents but I know the Short Term Residents Permit (STRP) and the Family Residents Permit (FRP) are both showing the documents lists which are more or less the same as the previously published required documents list but I will update the relevant document list articles on when I have the new wording for the lists for each permit type.





2.7 You will be shown a screen confirming your application and given an application reference number, KEEP THIS SAFE, print out the page if possible. You also need to click on the RESIDENCE PERMIT APPLICATION DOCUMENT link (do NOT right-click and "open in new window" or similar, it wont work, simply left click and it will download a PDF of the completed application form filled in with the details you have already entered, this must be printed out and taken with you to the appointment (or sent via post for renewals).



2.7.1 The fee for a STRP First Application or renewal is the 55TL for the Card and an additional $85 USD


4. Pay the Application Fees

4.1 The fees can be paid at the GOC/DGMM Offices, a new tax office branch has opened there for convenience OR to save time at the appointment can be paid at a branch of HALKBANK or your local Tax Office (Vergi Dairesi), make sure you have your Tax Number with you and quote the tax reference number: 9069 when paying to ensure your payment is accepted and registered to an Ikamet card (or Ikamet tax) payment, in Turkish :-

  • The 55TL card fee is "Ikamet tezkere harcı izin belgesi"
  • The dollar ($) fee is "İkamet izin harcı müracaat bedeli"

Also if you have multiple payments then ensure each one is made seperately and you get a separate reciept for each payment, not a combined reciept for tax and card fee. Keep these safe, they must accompany your submitted documents.

In Antalya the Tax office still seem confused by the payments and are accepting the 55TL card fee but sometimes refuse the $USD tax payable telling people to go to HalkBank instead to pay the dollar fee as they are not equipped to convert to TL (Yeah, I know, A TAX OFFICE, go figure).

You can pay (and try your luck at the $ charge too if you like) in the tax office (see this post for map) after clearing security head downstairs (there's a sign that says "Fotokopi Market", then head diagonally across to the office at the bottom left of the stairwell:-


Take a ticket for TUM ODEME (all payments) wait your turn and ask to pay the relevant fee (see above for Turkish), you will need to show your tax number and maybe ID. You'll have to get the documents done at the "normal" desk then take the paper they give you to the "VESNE" desk (It's just a jump to the left .... and then a step to the right .....)  to pay the amount and get that paper stamped and signed.


5. Prepare all relevant documents and send them in or keep them ready for your appointment depending on if you are renewing or having a first time application.

6. Visit the Migration Office in person on the date and time of your appointment with your relevant documents.

See the maps below

7. Assessment of your application will follow. If there is any missing document (s) you will be given 30 days to submit the document(s) and complete the application. At the end of 30 days if any missing documentation is not submitted then the application will be considered abandoned which will lead to a penalty fee.

8. If your application is accepted you will be given a Proof of Application document and your residence permit is then issued within 90 days via the Turkish postal system to your address in Turkey.

9. You will be sent a text from the PTT with a BARKOD number, you can track the delivery status online with number, Click HERE and fill out the code and "captcha" to see where your RP is!

If your application for a residence permit is unsuccessful the DGMM will contact you so departure plans can be made.

Once your application has been generated on the online system, you can legally remain in Turkey until the appointment date

You can leave or re-enter Turkey (within 15 days) only after your application is submitted and you have the ‘Proof of Application’ document signed and stamped by the migration officer.


Renewals of Residence Permits:

Follow steps 1-5 as for first time applicants, then:

6. Send your application by post/ courier to your provincial migration office. (Antalya is - BAYINDIR MAHALLESİ GAZİ BULVARI 07030 (MÜLGA İL ÖZEL İDARESİ) MURATPAŞA / ANTALYA)

A list of other offices around Turkey can be found here -

NOTE: If the page shows blank then click to show TR language on the page and click this link again, the language coding on that site prevents this displaying if you show the site in anything other than Turkish.

Antalya DGMM Office Location:

DGMM office location antalya


Access to the office building is from the road parallel to the main ringroad, the easiest way is to approach from either the Migros 5M roundabout or Otogar then turn off onto the main ring road just after the courthouse (if heading North) just after the Ogretmen Evi (if headed South), 100 meters later you'll see a right hand turn onto a parallel street, take that right turn and make another right turn onto the parallel street heading back in the direction you came from and follow till you see the main entrance, guest car parking is left just before the police checkpoint hut.


Antalya DGMM Office

Antalya DGMM Office 2

IMG 20150520 142445a


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