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B-24 American War Plane Wreck

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In August 1944, a B-24 American fighter named "Hadley's Harem", while turning back to its base in Cyprus after completing its bombing mission in Romania, when it was over the Aegean sea, was shot, but was able to fly to Manavgat,

(Township of Antalya) and fell into sea 200 meters off the coast. The crew who survived were saved by the Cengel Koy villagers. Three of the crew members are still alive. In 1995, one of them came to the point of the wreck with a camera, took some pictures and met the villagers.

In 1995, efforts to rescue the plane wreck were made and the cockpit was brought up. After they had kept it in the gendermarie station for a time, it was sent to one of the private museums in Istanbul. The other parts of the body and the tail lie 22 meters away from Dilkum, 25 kilometers from Manavgat towards Alanya. Because there aren't any signs showing its position, the coordinates of the wreck should be well calculated. For a dive a special permission should be obtained.

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