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Friday, 03 October 2008 00:00

Diving Laws and Regulations in Turkey

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In Turkey, diving activities are regulated by Sualti Sporlari, Cankurtarma, Su Kayagi ve Paletli Yuzme Federasyonu

(Underwater Sports, Life Saving, Water Skiing and Swimming with Palette Federation). Regulations are published in the State Official Newspaper, number 20606, 25th August 1990. The purpose of this regulation is to spread water sports nationwide, making it both enjoyable and internationally successful. State training is essential to provide standards that scuba divers should obey in inland waters and the seas around Turkish borders. Sualti Sporlari, Cankurtarma, Sukayagi ve Paletli Yuzme Federasyonu is responsible to World Underwater Federation (CMAS).

The regulations related to sport scuba diving in Turkish waters were published in the state newspaper number 2054, March 3, 1990. It states the essentials of scuba diving for purposes of sport. Except for scientific dives, all dives in military zones and where cultural and natural wealth exists, are forbidden. Apart from forbidden areas, diving as a sports activity still needs permission for foreign divers, any kind of scuba diving needs permission. Permission can be obtained from the city tourism directorate. At the same time, foreign divers, (for sports diving, should be members of CMAS or of the other international organizations or hold a document given by the authorities in their country. Also, foreign divers must be accompanied by a Turkish guide diver. The guide diver must be legally appointed by SCSPF and hold a license. The guide diver will take every precaution to protect a foreign diver and his belongings, as well as the cultural and natural wealth of Turkey. Anybody who wants to dive must be insured. In dives, Turkish boats should be used, but a foreigner who comes with his boat can make dives provided that he/she gets permission. Photography or video camera recording is allowed.

From these regulations, it is clearly understood that without a Turkish scuba guide diver, diving is not permitted. A guide can be obtained from authorized diving centers. At the same time, it is possible to rent necessary equipment so divers do not have to carry all their own equipment.

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