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Thursday, 02 July 2015 10:56

How to register on the AKS (Address Registration System) in Antalya

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The Address Registration System, abbreviated AKS in Turkish, is a centrally administered system where up to date address information of Turkish nationals and foreigners residing in Turkey is maintained. 

Since 2013 all foreigners living in Turkey have been under obligation to register in the system and advise of any change of address within 20 days.

Since May 18th 2015 it is mandatory for all residence permit applications to provide proof of registration on the AKS system.

To register you must have:-

  • A VALID residence permit

    • If your existing permit expires before the appointment date of the application meeting at the DGMM office then you will have to return to the Nufus building to obtain it later, only a valid Ikamet or a stamped and signed official temporary RP is accepted.

  • Proof of address, TAPU, Rental Contract, Utility bill in your name.

  • A VALID passport

1. Go to the Nufus/Kaymakanlik Building in Antalya (The old Turk Telecom building, see map below)


2. Take the elevator to the 3rd (Third) floor (3. Kat) and head around the corner till you come to the ADRES SERVISI office


Here you have to show your passport and details whereby you will be entered into the AKS system and given a piece of paper to confirm your entry in the system, keep this safe, it is required for your residence permit application.




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