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Antalya Trams

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Antalya has two tram systems, the "old" tram, affectionately known as the "nostalgia tram" and the modern tram, known as the ANTRAY (Antalya Rail).

You can follow this old forum thread to see a discussion as the new tram was being built nearly 7 years ago! How time flies.

The orginal plan was to have 3 phases to the new tram system but due to politics and financing only the first phase has so far been completed. UPDATE JULY 2016: The extended Phase 1 has now been completed taking the Phase 1 route from the Fatih Stop in Kepez (close to the soon to be opened forest adventure park) all the way to the Airport and beyond to the Expo site.

The "Nostalgia Tram"

antalya old tram

This tram isnt as old as it looks! despite the appearance this one-way 5 KM tramway and tram was opened in 1999 and provides a wonderful scenic route from the Archaeological Museum at one end to the Cender hotel area in the South. (see main map below).

Trams depart on the hour and half-hour, 07:00 am to 21:00 (9:00 pm) from both terminals at either end. The one-way fare is 2TL.


antalya antray tram

The modern tram system opened in 2009 and in this first phase is a 2-way 16 stop line connecting the North of the City to the center.

UPDATE JULY 2016: The tram has been extended and now runs to the airport and beyond out to the Expo site.

Starting at Kepez it runs via the Otogar (Bus Station) into the center of Antalya and then turns eastwards towards the airport, terminating at Meydan Hattı on Aspendos Blv. (See map below).

For a timetable please see the attachments below.

To ride the ANTRAY system you need to purchase an A-KENT travel card, see here for more details.


An updated Map showing the new stops of the extended tramway that opened on July 14th 2016 (click image for larger version)

antalya tram map

antalya tram map 2015


The Airport Terminals

The tram runs to all the airport terminals and they are modern, smart and easy to get to.

airport tram stop1

airport tram stop2




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