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Kaleici, Antalya Old Town

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Arguably the most beautiful city in Turkey with about a million inhabitants making it the fifth largest city in Turkey.

The indigenous inhabitants of Antalya are in the minority as the majority of the population has come from outside provinces to earn money in the rapidly growing industry of tourism.

Approximately 20 years ago Antalya was no more than a small, dreamy fishing village with bordering agricultural farms. Typical produce  for Antalya are citrus fruits and tomatoes which are  harvested twice a year.

Antalya has also made a name for itself as a key winter flower exporter.It presents wonderful opportunities for sightseeing and for various vacation activities.

The old port of the ancient  town of '„Kaleici" is a sight worth seeing, evening strolls along the small lovely lanes are quite impressive and will fascinate you.

Antalya is situated on high stony rocks and in the eastern part of Antalya there are wave-cut cliffs up to 35 mtrs above sea level and from which you can look down into the beautiful blue waters of the meditteranean sea.

You can also walk to Hadrians Gate which still stands at the main entrance to the old walled town. The gate was built in three stages and building started in the year to 130 A.C. It was established by the inhabitants in honor of the roman emperor Hadrian who stayed once in "Attaleia" for a visit.

Close to the hotel Falez the archaeological museum invites you for a walk through 3,000 years of history. This museum has the most important collection of classical archeology after the museums in Istanbul and Ankara. The exhibits are of a very high quality.

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