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Saturday, 06 June 2015 16:48

Lake Salda

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Lake Salda is a crater formed lake a two and a half hour drive from Antalya that is said to be the second clearest lake in the world and the cleanest lake in Turkey.

Sadly the same cant be said of the shoreline.

I went for a long overdue visit today and whilst yes, from a distance the lake is stunning, trying to find a couple of square meters of shoreline that isnt littered with rubbish and broken glass is nigh on impossible, I really hope this is an anomaly and there's a very good reason for the huge amount of trash, if it was clean it would be stunning.

This sadly ruins the first impressions but hunt around and take some bumpy tracks to find the out-of-the-way places where the broken glass is slightly less thick on the ground than other places and you can experience this beautiful lake and surroundings without having to sit in piles of rubbish.


The lake itself was formed from a crater, its located about 50Km West of Burdur and around 140Km from Antalya, its the deepest lake in Turkey at 196 meters in parts and also the second clearest lake in the world. This claim is not exaggerated, hopefully in some of the photos below you can see just how crystal clear the water is.

The white hydromagnesite mineral found along its shoreline forming the claylike substance and the distinctive white sand is said to be very beneficial for treating dermatological complaints.


The lake is surrounded by Black pine forest that is popular with hunters (and the many discarded empty shotgun cases attest to this).

There aren't much in the way of amenities which is part of its charm, with a couple of campsites and a couple of restaurants at the start of the lake, once you get past these its just road, trees, lake (and rubbish!), be warned though the restaurants that are there are expensive, charging over 25TL for a simple kofte meal.


Half the lakeshore is a rocky shoreline and surrounded by what would be lovely picnic areas and camping sites (if it weren't for the piles of rubbish, have I mentioned them already?)) but drive past these and head to where you see white sand (see map below for a "hidden" route out to the white sand peninsula), if you have kids or dogs please be very careful to find an area without broken glass or as I had to do be prepared to clean an area yourself!

Screenshot 1


You can also drive around the lake to the Northwest shore, the beaches are a bit rocky but still lovely views.

All in all its a nice day out, taking around 2.5 hours to drive there from Antalya, take a picnic and swimming gear, find a clean spot (this will take the longest time :( ) and enjoy the therapeutic waters of the lake on a hot summers day.

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