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adpositionsWe try to keep advertising to a minimum but in order to help with server and hosting fees we encourage article sponsorship.

We have very high targetted traffic to the site and linkbacks to our articles, we can provide a banner and text links on any article(s) you wish to sponsor.

e.g: health insurance agents may wish to sponsor our Healthcare article(s), airport transfer companies, our airport bus article, for example.

Prices start from 15TL per Month for unlimited impressions to a highly targeted audience.

NGO's and Non-Profit Organisations can advertise for free

We have a simple ad policy, a banner just under the article intro text and/or a banner on the sidebar

Article banners are on a "per article" or "per category" basis, for example, a travel agent may sponsor the article on Termessos or the entire "Historical Sites" category.

Ads are exclusive, not shared, only one article banner ad per article allowed and sidebar ad positioning (top-bottom) will be randomly generated each month to ensure equal time at the top of the sidebar.

A record of impressions and clicks is kept and can be requested at any time.

700px x 100px Article Banner Ad

25TL - per month, per article
or 100TL per month, per category (minimum period 12 months)

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295px x 200px Sidebar Banner Ad

125TL per month on every page the sidebar is displayed (article pages and most overview pages).

All adverts display regardless of site language.

For more information or to reserve an ad please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.